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for this year to be over.
school's pissing me off.
i can't decide if i want to drop out
of my honors classes they're making
me not be able to do anything on weekdays :/
i kinda want to. and i'm still kinda
annoyed at the fact their not giving
me college credit for my anatomy
class.when my teacher says they should.
o well.
at least my weekends have been fun.
me and mandiee have randomly found air hockey
tables  2 weekends in a row
and she beat me both times.
but i totally kicked her ass when we rode
go carts at montasia. and rickys and justins.
bitches trying to bump my car. HA.


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sleepy sleepy
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i want to do before summer is over.

-dye my hair
-go on a mini roadtrip 
-do some major shopping
-see a few selected people
 -and get my lip pierced 
since i took my nose ring out.

slow down summer.

o and thank god they have a 2's. haha :)
cuz i want them

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It's so lame how it's already August.
I'm' not looking forward to starting school and going back
to my routine. I hate rontines. I want change
and excitement but i'm never going to get that here.
Especially while i'm still in fucking high school.

It all goes back to how unsatisfied i always am.
I hate settling and i always want more.
But maybe thats not a bad thing?
I'm so confused

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determined determined
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you said tonight is a wonderful night to die.
i asked you could tell, you told me to look at the sky.
look at all these stars, look at how goddamn ugly the stars are.
It's one or another,
between a rope and a bottle.
I can tell your having trouble breathing
Cause you'll never be ok,
you'll always be in pain.
you'll always feel this way.
cause things they never work out right.
you'll always be in pain.

You told me that the daylight burns you,
and that the sunrise was enough to kill you.
I said maybe your a vampire,
You saids its quite possible, i feel truely dead inside.

been playing on repeat.
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cold cold
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